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The children of St Andrew's school display their ideas on what a neighbourhood plan should be!

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Why do we need a Neighbourhood Plan?

Put simply governments and policies change and the way in which parishes like ours influence new policies has to change too.

Government at all levels sees house building as an urgent priority, partly because there is a severe shortage of affordable housing in England's towns and cities, and partly because London based politicians, in particular, have decided that just building houses in the countryside is a good idea of itself. We have all read about the rash of not-always-very-well-thought-through housing projects that are being approved all over East Devon and other rural areas in England.

This has already affected Chardstock and will continue to affect us. If we want to exercise any control at all over what happens to us, we need to have an approved Neighbourhood Plan.

Broadly speaking the Parish itself is responsible for producing its own Neighbourhood Plan and as we work collectively towards that goal details of the various documents, discussions and drafts can be found here (Documents)


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