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Chardstock Historical Record Group was formed five years ago with the specific aim of creating an historical record of life in the parishes of Chardstock and All Saints in East Devon throughout the 20th Century.  To this end a small group of enthusiasts, with financial help from the Local Heritage Initiative, set about recording the voices of the parish's most senior residents and assembling a collection of photographs, maps and other documents illustrating life in and around Chardstock during times which are now rapidly disappearing from the communal memory.  The result was an intriguing book Voices of Chardstock, produced by members of the group, drawing on a library of over 100 hours of recordings and nearly 1,000 photographs, maps and other documents and launched to great acclaim in October 2005.

Inevitably, the Group's field of activity has gradually broadened as the extent of the available material became evident. In addition to producing this most recent book, the Group has also collaborated with two local historians, Peter Wood and Roger Carter, to produce a reprint of their 1999 book A History of the Parish of Chardstock which is essential reading for any one with an interest in the parish. It also stocks several other publications about the history of Chardstock and its buildings.

In addition the Group is gradually assembling a wide range of other material about the parish as well as co-ordinating work to document the historical and modern names of field in the area and a survey of the Churchyard and its headstones.

The Chardstock Post Office sells three of these publications - A History of the Parish of Chardstock (12), Voices of Chardstock (10) and Footpaths & Bridleways (2).   If you wish to pay by cheque, or require any other information, please contact: 

         Chardstock Historical Record Group
         Mill House
         Devon,   EX13 7BY

         e-mail:      chrg@btinternet.com

         web page: www.chardstockwebmuseum.org



All publications are also obtainable at:  http://www.parishchest.com/shop/index.php (click  The Bookshop: History: Devonshire)


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